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About Us

About Us

WittyGift is an experiential gifting company that packages experiences based on a predetermined category or theme. The concept of gift experience boxes has been popular in Europe since the 1990s and brought to India for the first time by WittyGift™.  The founding principles were to offer the best quality of experiences, the best value and the best brands in an elegantly packaged box to provide a well rounded solution for every gifting need.  

Experiential gifts now represent one of the fastest growing segments of the global gift industry. The Indian market represents an extraordinary potential of development in terms of Gift Experience Boxes. As per American Express Estimates, the Gift market in India is more than $30 billion annually.  

In India, the gift experience market is still relatively underdeveloped. In this environment WittyGift’s multi-choice options, initial success and available statistics point to it being ideally placed to benefit from strong Indian consumer growth, development and adoption of E-commerce as well as a flourishing and rapidly expanding modern retail environment. Being the first multi-choice player has also allowed it to secure the market. 

Since its creation in 2010, WittyGift has crossed several key milestones in its early development from raising seed capital, to contracting with key vendors, to popularizing the concept and brand, while convincing corporate clients like Essar Oil & Gas, Viacom18, Essel Group, Ascend International School, etc. and individual clients like young professionals, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and media personalities. Its management comes from diverse backgrounds and has strong bonds to the company and towards each other through many years of close acquaintance, creating the ideal environment for a start-up to grow. 

The Team

The WittyGift Team

1. Samuel Ziza 

With a legal background and a Masters in international private law from the Law University of Paris II, Samuel decided to

change track and started a career as a journalist in Paris for a financial radio; BFM. After 4 years dedicated to covering 

international economies, and eastern European politics; Samuel left France to become a Foreign Correspondent in South 

Asia for BFMTV-1 st news Channel, in addition to reporting for Le Figaro, a leading French newspaper and La Tribune a 

leading financial newspaper covering political and financial news in India, Pakistan, and South Asia. 

Samuel spent 3 years travelling across the length and breadth of India trying to understand the sociological and 

economic realities of the rapid growth in the country, while building a strong personal and professional network. 

Having experienced the Gift Box market first hand in France through Smartbox/Gift Box Provider etc. he started 

exploring the idea of launching this massively successful concept in India. The strong existing gifting culture; with 

festivals, occasions, extended families and extensive corporate gifting; combined with a lack of options and the need for 

a new concept convinced him to start WittyGift. During this process he met Manvinder Kohli, who also believed in the 

fundamentals of the concept; WittyGift was born. 

2. Manvinder Kohli 

Manvinder Kohli, a native of Mumbai, started his career at EchoStar Comm. Corp, based in Denver CO in 2002 after 

completing his Management and Marketing degree at Concord University. Starting in the sales department, Manvinder 

was promoted to develop sales teams, strategies and processes within the 18k employee satellite TV company. He was 

involved in the setting up and launch of 2 customer contact and sales centres in Harlingen, TX, and Tulsa, OK, to meet 

the demands of the Fortune 500 company's rapidly growing customer base.  

Subsequent to the successful implementation of the two projects, Manvinder began a training and development 

program to maximize the effectiveness of the over 4000 sales executives employed by Echostar for its satellite TV 

business, Dish Network; also developing an internal training manual with the Human resources division for deployment 

of a sub-training module specifically targeting sales teams and effective lead management.  

In 2007, Manvinder moved back to Mumbai to manage the family businesses in hospitality, real estate and print 

production where he consolidated processes, while eliminating sick units and refocusing capital resources on higher end, 

higher quality products and services. After establishing new production units and integrating higher margin value-adds 

to the printing business, Manvinder joined hands with Samuel Ziza in launching WittyGift in India in 2009. 

3. Justine Grandchamp Desraux 

Justine Grandchamp Desraux, is a trained dental surgeon from France (DDS - Université Garancière Paris VII), in addition 

to Masters Degrees in Public health, health management and Health geography who is now living in India. She worked 

on urban migration and health in Vientiane, Laos, collecting and analyzing data for her PhD thesis in addition to 

managing a study on health for the Institute of Research and Development (IRD). She received for her 

work the Francoise Roth Public Health Award in 2008. 

Having known Samuel Ziza since 1996, Justine moved to India in 2010 after travelling extensively through Asia, and 

started on a market study for WittyGift to identify and engage potential vendors and bring them into the WittyGift 

sphere.  Subsequent to this Justine came aboard WittyGift and has been responsible for process establishment, back end 

operations and vendor relations. She identifies vendors and partners in new markets as well as consolidation and 

management of the experiences available through WittyGift Xperience Boxes. 


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