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World's Best Summer Job 2.0

World's Best Summer Job 2.0:

This summer when you are looking out for a summer hobby, if you come across a company where the job criteria states - “must be willing to get pampered at salons and spas”, don't start wondering about what sort of an internship it is? In fact be happy that you have an opportunity to get the World's Best Summer Job! A job which demands that you pamper yourself, learn new skills like Salsa and Pole Dance, sample great meals at the best restaurants, and go out and Xperience the thrills of adventure sports.  The intern gets to try out all the best 5 stars restaurants, going and meeting interesting people, taking part in extreme action stunts, you name it they get to do it! Wish that was you? Well WittyGift needs someone for the summer to do just that. All you need to do is tweet "<yourname> wants to #Xperienceit @WittyGiftBox" from your twitter account and make people re-tweet it to grab the opportunity to be an intern with us. Person with the highest retweets gets selected for the final interview. 2 interns in Mumbai and 2 in Delhi. Basically you get to be a freeloader that spends the hot summer days sampling free food, dance classes, massages, adventure sports, sailing lessons and more.

Click the button below to tweet. Don't forget to insert your real name so that we can identify you:

Contest ends April 15th 2013, 17:59pm. Contest is open only for Mumbai and Delhi

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